Irrigation design by Landscape Consultants

New System Design & Installation

Our irrigation specialists recognize that no two properties are alike, and many issues such as slopes, micro climates and plant/turf requirements must be addressed during the design phase. Landscape Consultants will design an irrigation system to be water efficient and cost effective, saving you time and money.

Drip irrigation by Landscape Consultants

Drip Irrigation

A well designed drip system can use up to 30%-50% less water than other methods of watering by delivering water directly to the root zone. Almost no water is lost through surface run off or evaporation, making it ideal for slopes or windy locations. It operates under low pressures and flow rates, allowing for odd shaped, narrow or larger beds to be irrigated more economically. This method eliminates wet foliage that can increase some plant diseases such as powdery mildew, rusts, and black spot.

Micro spray irrigation by Landscape Consultants

Micro Spray Irrigation

Micro spray systems operate at low pressures using mini spray nozzles instead of emitters to deliver water. They are used in locations where drip emitters are not practical, such as large areas of ground cover, flower beds or in decorative pots and planters.

Irrigation repair by Landscape Consultants

Repair Services

If you should notice that one of your sprinkler heads is spouting a geyser or your drop irrigation is becoming a flood irrigation system, take the challenge out of doing it yourself and give us a call to fix it.

Subterranean irrigation by Landscape Consultants

Subterranean Irrigation

Subsurface drip lines are one solution for lawns and landscape areas that are difficult to water efficiently, such as those with narrow strips of grass, steep slopes, or unusual shapes. Using an underground drip system to irrigate your lawn can save water since none is lost to evaporation or overspray, discourage weeds, and reduce turf disease.

Backflow testing

Backflow Testing

Sprinkler system backflow testing is an important step to keeping your drinking water safe. We can test your system and repair issues. You should have your backflow tested annually.