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Matthew Wagoner

Originally from Texas, Matt received his degree in Business Administration from Texas Tech University. Shortly after moving to Salina, he began working at Twin Valley Nursery. In 1985, Matt established Earthcare Services Landscape and Garden Store. In 1997, he got into the restaurant business when he founded Tucson’s Steakhouse, which he owned until 2011. Landscape Consultants was formed in 2009 as a small design/build firm and in 2013, it was fortunate enough to acquire the assets of the landscape division of Earthcare Services which furthered Matt’s aspirations in landscaping.

Matt Wagoner’s 35+ years in the landscape industry is an invaluable part of Landscape Consultants. From his beginnings as a landscape laborer, to foreman, to the owner of a complete garden store, nursery and landscape operation, his expertise in this business is difficult to match. Matt is inspired by his love for the outdoors, the beauty found in nature, and very wise mentors he has built relationships over the years. With these inspirations comes the goal of leading Landscape Consultants from being a good company, to a great one.

His favorite things about landscaping are the installation experience and the satisfaction of standing back and knowing he was a part of the transformation process. Knowing that he had a hand in a client’s long term enjoyment of their home inspires Matt to keep designing beautiful landscapes.