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Here is a description of each of our departments and their responsibilities:

  • Landscape Installation – Our landscape installation foremen and assistants are skilled craftsmen, contributing to planting and hardscape installations. From installing trees, shrubs, and bedding plants to building patios, fire pits and retaining walls, our landscape crews play a pivotal role in making the visions of our landscape designers come to life.
  • Landscape Maintenance – The Landscape Consultants maintenance team executes the integral role of maintaining our clients’ outdoor living spaces. Pruning, weeding, mowing, edging, and general monitoring of plant health are all responsibilities of the maintenance division.
  • Estate Maintenance – Our estate maintenance division has the pleasure of caring for the properties of our clients that enjoy a higher frequency and personalization of maintenance visits. In essence, our estate maintenance crews are the ‘extra TLC’ team!
  • Lawn Care/Chemical Application – Our lawn care (chemical application) crews are made up of certified chemical applicators that pride themselves in learning, knowing, and following the science of precise chemical application to ensure weed-, pest-, and disease-free landscapes. The health and vigor of our lawns and landscapes are directly nurtured by the lawn care team.
  • Irrigation – Water management is a critical piece of any lawn or landscape’s success. Our team of irrigators work together with the sales team to design and install the highest-efficiency systems possible, as well as perform regular visits to inspect and repair any existing systems as necessary.