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Lawn care by Landscape Consultants

Lawn Care & Maintenance

We offer season-long lawn care programs for your warm or cool season turf. We start with an early application of pre-emergent to help prevent weeds and crabgrass. Later applications include a customized fertilizer blend that will keep your grass green and healthy throughout the growing season and into the winter months. We also utilize a wide variety of post-emergent weed control products to treat grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Tree care by Landscape Consultants

Tree Care

We can provide the nutrients needed to help keep your trees green and growing. We can do this in a number of ways, including a Mediject treatment and deep root tree fertilization.

Mowing services by Landscape Consultants

Mowing Services

From small yards in town to sprawling acreages in the country, our mowers have you covered! We offer weekly mowing, trimming, edging and blowing services that will keep your lawn looking top-notch all year long. Have an overgrown lot that requires a little more horsepower? We can handle that too, using a tractor and brush hog mower.

Organic lawn care by Landscape Consultants

Organic Lawn Care

For clients looking for an organic approach to lawn care, we a proud to offer a customized program developed with input from our vendors. Applications of corn gluten pre-emergent are designed to help prevent weeds, while an alfalfa-based fertilizer provides Nitrogen. Humic acid also serves as a soil conditioner and boosts the soil’s microbial activity.

Landscape bed maintenance by Landscape Consultants

Landscape Bed Maintenance

Keep the weeds under control in your landscape beds with our shrub bed pre-emergence applications. We also offer continuing care throughout the growing season, utilizing hand-pulling and chemical methods to eliminate weeds.

Aeration by Landscape Consultants

Overseeding & Core Aeration

Established lawns sometimes need a little extra TLC. Core aeration perforates the soil allowing moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate. This process also reduces soil compaction, enhances thatch breakdown and improves water filtration and soil composition. Aeration combined with overseeding improves turf density.

Insect Control by Landscape Consultants

Insect Control

Shrubs, trees and turf can be quickly decimated when insects attack. Fortunately, with proper, timely treatment, we can usually save your landscape by eliminating these pests.

Lawn Disease Control by Landscape Consultants

Disease Control

Interesting growths can often pop up during periods of warm, wet weather. Our staff can help identify diseases on your plants, trees, and in your lawn, and recommend treatment.