Winter Watering

For new plantings, every other day the first week – every third day the second week – once a week beginning the third week and continuing throughout the fall – then once every two-three weeks. Continued watering very important!

In general, for older plantings – If it’s a dry winter, water once a month when the ground isn’t frozen. Check the soil moisture near the plant (close to or in root ball) at a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

High Risk Plants Include:
• Broadleaf Evergreens – hollies, boxwoods, etc.

Mulching for Winter

Newer plantings that don’t have strong established root systems will benefit from some protection from the freeze/thaw heaving that occurs over the winter. A light mulching also protects the crowns of tender plants like some ornamental grasses from damaging frosts over the winter season.

Types of Mulch Offered at The Gardens:

• Cedar
• All Bark Cedar
• Double Ground Hardwood
• Dyed Mulch