Iron Chlorosis

Why are the leaves on my tree light green or yellow?

Sometimes insect problems or spray damage can cause yellowing of foliage. If you can eliminate
those issues as a concern then a close inspection of the eected leaves is next. If the leaves have
green veins but yellow foliage then Iron Chlorosis could be the problem. A good first step is a soil
test to check the PH of the soil. If the test shows a PH of 7.5 or higher, Iron Chlorosis is most likely
the problem. Chlorosis shows up due to a lack of available iron in the soil. The iron may be
unavailable to the plants root system due to the high PH of the soil. Iron Chlorosis can aect trees,
shrubs even annuals and perennials. When severe the plants can actually die.

Why does this aect my trees but not my neighbors?

The variety of tree you select makes all of the dierence in the world. Some trees are not as
susceptible as others. They are more tolerant of high PH soils. Contact your nursery professionals
at Landscape Consultants to learn more about trees that perform best in your area.

What can I do?

There are several treatment options available. While changing the PH of the soil is difficult, adding
products to your lawn area like Hi Yield Soil Acidifier Plus Micros and Fertilome Soil Acidifier Plus
Iron can help. Iron products can stain concrete so be sure to read the label so you understand
what precautions you need to take when apply these products.

Foliar sprays work the fastest but can be short lived. Products like Fertilome Chelated Liquid Iron
and Other Micro Nutrients are available at local nurseries and garden centers. This product can be
used as a soil drench or a foliar spray. Be sure to follow the label application rates. Fall applications
allow plenty of time for the nutrients to spread through the soil and are then available the next
growing season.

Another option is a trunk Injection. This is best left to a professional arborist or a trained nursery

The easiest answer is to plant trees and shrubs that perform well in the soils in your area. Let the
professionals at Landscape Consultants show you varieties that will perform well for years to come.